Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome to the eNotifyMe blog. Since founding eNotifyMe a little over 6 months ago the feedback has been tremendous. The vision for eNotifyMe has and continue to be to give our customers the freedom to receive their emails on their terms. With eNotifyMe users can apply schedules, filters and notification groups which allow them to receive email as a text message,fax, page or a standard phone where the email is read back by a text-to-speech engine giving the user the added ability to respond with a voice reply.

We have seen many useful and practical implementations for the eNotifyMe service ranging from sales leads to stock alerts to monitoring the temperature in a room and calling for help when temp. ranges are exceeded.

We welcome your thoughts, questions and comments at any time. Many of the features we've developed are based on direct feedback we've received from customers or prospective customers.